Happy birthday Michaela!

Michaela, journey

Today my lovely Michaela is 46.

We are away on the island of Coll with some friends… a few photos are required I think…

Happy birthday William!

William is 11 today!

We have just done the party. All the mess is cleaned away. Peace descends- apart from Emily playing some dreadful dancing game on Wii in the next room. After a long day (much of it  in a small room with the suits trying to decide what services to cut) I am ready for some peace.

But Will had a great time so it is all good. This year he had a ‘Detective Party’ with fancy dress and games like ‘pin the magnifying glass on the detective’.

And as ever- when kids are happy, parents have a special feeling somewhere deep inside. I think it is related to love.

Happy Birthday to me…

The blog has been quiet for a few days because I have been busy helping a friend fit a kitchen. But today I am taking a day to do nice things, because-

…today I am 44.

Thanks for your good wishes friends!

Next year things will be changing again- which is no bad thing. Quite how and when is unclear, but change they will.

This time last year I nearly finished the adventure at the age of 43- which brings home the blessing of the road ahead, uncertain as it will surely be…