Well, for good or ill I have persuaded Michaela to come along to Greenbelt this year, along with the kids Emily and William (Emily was desperate to go so took no persuading at all!) This means taking the kids out of school as the school hols are different in Scotland to those in Englandshire.

This years speakers include Brian McLaren and Philip Yancey, and I am very much looking forward to hearing them both. Music looks less exciting, but there is always something that grabs you that you had not heard of (I really enjoyed ‘Over the Rhine‘ last year.)

Greenbelt gives me the feeling of connection with something bigger- something vital and creative, and fills me with hope for the people of Jesus in this country.

It is a chance to meet up with some old friends, particularly Mark and Dee from Wales. It will be good too meeting up with Si Smith, and perhaps getting to meet some of the Emerging Scotland folk…

It looks like we might be performing some of ’40’ also at a Proost lounge evening during the festival (see here for details of 40, or check out the ‘my writing’ bit of this blog- here.)

Hope to see you there!

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