Bonfire night…


What a lovely night.

The rain that was hammering down this evening was gone, and the moon and stars were out for bonfire night.

I have always loved bonfire night. Not quite sure what we are celebrating- something to do with one set of religious bigots being glad that they were not blown sky high by a different set of bigots I think…

But to spend a night outside with friends around a warm fire, eating good food and sharing some real ale- this is always good.

And then there are the fireworks. All I can say is that we got away with it again. No serious maimings. No popping of eyeballs. There was a moment when a poorly sited roman candle tilted over to become a canon, firing explosive shells at random angles. Fortunately, they all missed.

In fact the only slight injury was from a neighbours firework- that showered some embers over our gathering, and one of them landed on Sandra’s hand. Hope she is OK


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