Statistically speaking…

Today is the 4 year anniversary of this blog. As a birthday present, I thought it appropriate to go for a new header- a cropped part of this photo;

We bloggers have a guilty secret called statistics. Sure, our motivation as we write is absolutely pure and totally high minded, but it also kind of helps for this to be represented numerically!

WordPress give you a whole range of different means of measuring your success (or lack of it.) Here are some of mine;

All time visits; 260,628

Busiest day; 1,029 (April 23rd 2012)

Number of posts; 1338

Number of comments; 1685

So there you go. The secret is out.

3 thoughts on “Statistically speaking…

  1. Well done! My 4 year anniversary is in 10 days time: apart from being different in every respect, we could be brothers:)

    Really good blog- I look forward to reading every new entry.

  2. Love the new photo. i know what you mean about stats….though the one I love on the blog site I use is the map showing where your visitors are from.

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