Standing at the edge…

Today I took a step closer to the edge.

Like most changes we face, this one is not of my choosing. I was told today that I would be receiving a redundancy notice- I will be invited to apply for a different job at my level (which I do not want) otherwise I will have a choice between a demotion or redundancy.

The circumstances of this are really rather strange- for reasons which I will not discuss here, but this means that for the first time in my career, I am facing redundancy. In one sense, I am fortunate, as I have a choice.

But perhaps (more scarily) I am facing an opportunity to take a leap into the unknown.

After 21 years of uninterrupted social work practice, then a chance is here to re-invent life and living.

I am not sure yet whether I will leap. There are lots of sums to do and business plans to work on. There is a skew in me towards safety. But a safe life is not the measure of value I want to look back on in 20 years time, should I last as long…