About me

Hi all

Thanks for visiting my blog.

A few things about me…

I am a husband to Michaela and a father to Emily and William. Through them, my life is blessed.

I am half English, half Irish, and living in Scotland.

I am a seeker in the Christian tradition, but have more questions than insights- the more so as I get older. I live and learn with a group of friends in Dunoon, Scotland, where we gather in a community that meets to worship and pray, and to celebrate through a Christian arts group called Aoradh (meaning ‘adoration’ in Gaelic.)

I love to write- poetry, prose. It is how I think. I have published some books and a few articles and poems.

I love music, and to play and sing.

I love wilderness- mountains, lochs, small islands.

Most of my career has been spent working with, for and alongside people experiencing serious mental health problems. I have been a social worker, a therapist and have managed integrated mental health services.

Along with my wife, we run a business called Seatree, making things from ceramics and found objects, often incorporating poetry. We have an online shop on our website here.

The things I say on this blog are my own ideas and opinions. I am not representing any organisation, employer, denomination or group.