Scottish emerging church network?

Last weekend I was in Glasgow, where Michaela and I met up with Thomas, Iain and Stewart in Starbucks. This was our first ‘meeting’ growing out of a facebook group we set up called EMERGING SCOTLAND. I suppose we began to dream of new things, and new possibilities…

A few others had tried to get along, but life got in the way- you were missed, but there will be other times!

Those of us that were there had this common idea that those of us engaged in fragile new ‘church’ stuff need to find common support and encouragement, and we need to get smarter in the way that we do this! Because no-one else seems to be doing it that we can find, we thought we would have a go.

As a way of gathering other thoughts and feelings- here are some questions that we would love comment on.

If you have friends and contacts who are not facebookers, and you want to circulate the questions for a wider discussion, or even other networks you can tap into, then feel free to get the word out there…

Here goes…

1. Would you value/have time to participate in/be interested to know more about/ a more developed support network in Scotland?

2. If so, what would you need from such a thing in your context?

3. What might it look like?- Do we meet, do we offer to come and support one another in practical ways, or is the on-line stuff, with all its possibilities and limitations enough?

4. Can you/we cope with doctrinal variation? How much?

If you are interested in getting involved, and have thoughts as above- we would love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Scottish emerging church network?

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