To continue the Aussie theme began in my last post- we are just about to begin a study called Exilio in our house group. Thanks to Johnny Laird(http://johnnylaird.blogspot.com/) for the info about this wonderful (but very demanding) resource.

This is a resource produced by Aussie globe trotter Michael Frost and others. It is based on Frost’s book ‘Exiles’, and a study on the book of acts, and the whole point is to help us think about living Missional lives. Its available on this link http://www.forge.org.au/index.php/20070322143/FORGE/Forge-Australia-Info/Forge-Resources.html

This word missional seems to be on the up. Some folk in our group were a bit irritated by it. I suppose it is an attempt to recapture the centrality of mission in the life of Christians.

But for a much better definition- check out Tall Skinny Kiwi (Andrew Jones);


4 thoughts on “Missionality?

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