Rob Bell on quantum physics and Hebrew poetry…

We watched a DVD from Rob Bells recent ‘Everything is spiritual’ speaking tour. He pours out these facts and figures onto huge whiteboards- what a mind the bloke must have (or some kind of special auto cue prompter!) Here is a clip from the DVD- there are a few more on you tube but it is worth getting hold of the DVD and letting is wash over you.

The message that comes through all the incredible complexity is that of the Creator God, in whom all things are made, and who sustains everything. Everything, then, is spiritual.

Bell seems to draw a familiar conclusion about the power of the poetry in Genesis…

One thing that concerns me about this approach to science and faith, is that there is a danger of relegating the creator to a ‘God of the gaps’.

By this I mean that we look to science for explanations for all things. Where science fails to fill in all the blanks, we turn to God. As science advances, then God shrinks. He is pushed into the narrow spaces- in this case, into the quantum spaces…

You could say that this God of the gaps has been the logical outcome of the age of enlightenment. And Christians have fought this truth battle in the backyard of enlightenment- on the terms dictated by modernity.

But science and faith- they ask different questions, and the answers- they find their agreement only in God.

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