Blessings for an old friend

Blessings for an old friend


Like a magic lantern

Leaked some old light

And it fell on you

Back when we walked together

Then bid adieu

And though the images decay

Some part of you will always stay

In me

What purpose

Ties us in this state

Of marriage in the mind?

Perhaps you formed me a little

Somehow my shape refined

In turn I trust the marks I made

Have aged kindly

From the man that now I am

I tore some strands

And wove for you this blessing;

I hope the years have kissed you

And the sun has often shined

May you have known of love and laughter

And in God’s grace reclined

Now may the stones be soft under your feet

As the long roads ahead unwind

And may the Good Lord give you life

In interesting times

Words cost little my old friend

But these are no mere token

They fit only you-


Christmas 2005

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