Rowan Williams and the emerging church

The Anglican church in England has taken on a supportive and encourging role for new forms of church that we in in Scotland have yet to see (although the Church of Scotland seems to be making some encouraging moves?)

There is some doubt in my mind that church projects that loosely fit into catch all phrase ‘fresh expressions’ of church may well simply be churches doing what they have always done- play groups and coffee mornings. But I am not meaning to criticise these things- done with purpose, and by people who care, they can be wonderful.

However, if we are to see the birth of something new, something that learns from the old, but is prepared to radically change the way we have done church in the face of the incredible changes in the world around us- then we will need much more than tinkering at the edge of the issue. We will need leadership, supportive networking, and the nurturing of a new generation of radicals prepared to go further than us…

Archbishop WIlliams has gathered himself a mixed reputation. I love the man’s learned grace, and most of the things I hear him say, I find myself more or less in agreement with- at least as long as I am able to stay with his dry academic delivery style. I think he is an important leader, standing at the crossroads of Anglican history.

So to hear him speaking about the EC- this is interesting. Here he is, brought to you via you tube…

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