Church abuse 3

I have posted previously about abusive situations in churches (see Church abuse and church abuse 2.)

I felt justified in focusing on such negative aspects of the people of faith as I keep coming across people who used to go to church. When I ask them to tell me their stories, my heart breaks. I have had two conversations in the last week that trod the same path.

But lest it seem as though I just want to bash church- here is something that I hope will redress the balance…

Another film from America, called ‘Lord save us from your followers’ explores the image that Christians portray to the wider US nation and finds evidence that Jesus is at work…

For more info, and a download for the film- check out this link.

Here is another short trailer…

3 thoughts on “Church abuse 3

  1. I had that very thought too!

    Although on our recent trip to greenbelt festival, Michaela was wearing sandals through all the mud and mire. I suggested to her that even Jesus would have drawn the line at her feet!

    I suppose though that being the ‘hands and feet of Jesus’ in a Mother Teresa kind of way will always come with a risk assessment in the 21st C…



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