So what do we think about Angels then?

We have just embarked on a plan to set up a worship space on Dunoon pier using the premise of Michaelmas- the festival of Michael and all Angels ( 27th of September… 12 noon till 8. You would be welcome!)

This idea was floated by Kimberley, minister at our local Episcopal church, and fellow blogger, and we had a lovely creative round-table planning meeting a couple of evenings ago. For some reason Michaela had sprinkled the table with glitter to bring a little angel-dust sparkle to the proceedings- and as ever with glitter, it is now everywhere, and on everything…

For me, the creation of these happenings is where the real worship of God can happen- a small community who seek to place God at the centre of everything, and celebrate this together.

But, as a confession, I struggled with the idea a little at first. To set up worship spaces like the one seems to demand a theme that allows creative, even playful, engagement- and I struggled with Angels as a theme…

Angels- Christmas cards, and New Age nonsense… this was my starting point.

But, I soon found that a little persistence can be very fruitful.

Kimberley had a whole set of words and ideas about Angels, and I soon discovered that Angel literally means ‘gods messenger’. Other folks had paintings, and ideas about how we could use the space, and what ‘stations’ we could prepare, and we were off and running.

One of the ideas was to use postcards to encourage people to send their own messages. I used wordle to generate an image from Kimberley’s words, and ordered some postcards.

Here is the image;

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