We had a bit of fun with this today- Resolution randomizer.

It works a bit like a fruit machine, matching up three options to generate some useful (if slightly bizarre) NY resolutions.

Because, let’s be honest, most of my half hearted attempts have been pretty boring. You know the sort- I will lose weight and get fit. I will read the Bible more often. I will get up early to pray before the rising sun. I will organise and focus. I will motivate and set meaningful goals. I will set sail into a silver sea of achievement and fulfillment.

Until torpedoed by chocolate, and the many distractions and diversions that reality rolls in my way on a daily basis. Oh- and then there is my innate weakness of character…

Perhaps I am hard on myself. Sometimes I have kept resolutions- for whole days at a time!

It seems that I may not be alone.

But aspirations to change- they can not be bad can they? We seem to make remarkably consistent ones-


So do I bother this year?

No- but…

I have been thinking about what I would like to get into over the coming year.

I would like to get the wilderness mediations book/project thing into another gear- and for this, I will need to be fitter.

I would like to finish a couple of other writing projects.

Aoradh projects beckon too- a monthly session in a pub, the TENT thing, and performing 40 again in Lent.

Emerging Scotland stuff- our first meeting of the year is in a few weeks, and I would love to see this becoming a real network of friendship and support. I still see no other alternative that would provide this. (See here and here for more info.)

There are still other goals- but these are between me and mine. I may well fail, but perhaps that is never the issue…

As for you, my friends, may 2009 bring you adventure.

And may you remain in good company.

And walk with God.

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