St Arbucks meeting- Emerging Scotland… see you there.


I am just getting ready for an Emerging Scotland meet up @ Starbucks, Glasgow Fort, tomorrow @ 2.00 PM- hope to see some of you there!

Sorry that some of the other originators can’t make it- Stewart and Thomas for instance. Thomas has been operated on this week- so prayers for a swift recovery for him!

You may remember that the plan (as blogged a few times, and discussed at a previous meeting) was for something like this;


It is clear in my mind that the proposal is for a facilitated network, which imposes few restrictions or obligations on members. We need to decide pretty early on what we would seek to embrace and include. My preference is for a very ‘generous orthodoxy’- and again, this seems to fit in with those who returned the questions.

The object is to support and sustain one another as we seek to follow Jesus into Scottish towns and cities. Hopefully we will share ideas, resources and find companionship and encouragement, and there may be grounds for formal/informal mentoring or partnership arrangements.

People may be part of existing church situations in which they are seeking new ways of being or doing, or they might be planting something new- or perhaps just dreaming of doing…”


“By a variety of means: websites, blogs, on-line networking, but also face to face meetings, retreats, information sharing events etc.

We are clear that the development of a website is a priority, but only to facilitate real human contact! Stewart has a possible way of making this happen- but might appreciate input from anyone who has skills/interest.

Sharing ideas/ skills/ resources – labyrinths, prayer rooms, musicians, poets, and people who know how to support and empower through prayer. Not to forget preachers and evangelists etc etc!”

What next?

Well, I am still on the look out for people who are prepared to host events in their locality– these might be

  • More coffee shop meets
  • Open house things
  • Creative prayer/worship things
  • Stuff around themes- theology, kids, sectarianism, rural stuff, social justice, etc


I have some info about current plans, and we have set some dates for other potential events (which are entirely negotiable, and simply arranged around my own calendar!)

Anyone who wants more info- get in touch…

5 thoughts on “St Arbucks meeting- Emerging Scotland… see you there.

  1. hope you have a good time and it is a helpful time for all.
    maybe we should do one when you guys are up here – though it could just be me and you guys!! ;0)

    • Sounds good Gayle- perhaps we could bring in a few emerging sheep to fluff it out a bit!

      It was a good discussion today- I’ll post some more info at some point…

      Hope the wild winter is kind to you.


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