Support for people bereaved by suicide…

choose life

My wife Michaela is conducting a piece of research for Choose Life Argyll and Bute, in partnership with Argyll and Bute Volunteer Centre, and is looking for support and information.

Over the years of delivering suicide intervention skills courses, Choose Life have become increasingly aware of the lack of resources to support people after a suicide in Argyll and Bute. They are seeking to find out more about what resources would be useful for those surviving suicide and those bereaved by suicide, alongside those professional services providing support to those at risk of suicide. The  hope is that this will lead to actual resources available across the area.

She would like to speak to people in Argyll and Bute about what has helped them after being affected by suicide, and what services they would like to see being developed in the area for themselves or others.

However she would also like to hear from others across Scotland about what services and support are available in your area for people who have experienced risk of suicide, or bereavement by suicide, including both family and staff. If there are currently groups, helplines or activities that you know of that help people in your area, it would be good to hear about it, as an idea that could be used in Argyll and Bute.

Please contact michaela on 01369 700100, or email . Also, if you know someone who has an experience that you think they would want to share that would help this project, please invite them to get in touch.

3 thoughts on “Support for people bereaved by suicide…

  1. Unfortunately, I’m not Scottish; I’m American, but we’ve had to deal with a lot of suicides, especially in teens. In the high school my husband went to, for example, 4 friends of his committed suicide. The hardest thing was that no one suspected these teens would do anything like that. He attended the funerals and had a really hard time of it for a while since he knew them, talked with them before and used to go to class with them. I’m not sure that I really have any answers, except that the bereaved from suicide need to grieve and need to have others have compassion on them. My husband (who was my boyfriend at that time) mostly seemed like he just needed to be listened to. He rehashed the details of the suicides and the funerals, but it was important for him to get it off his chest and for me (and others) to listen.

    • Hi Kim
      So sorry to hear about your experience. The death of a young person is always so dreadful- particularly when through suicide, which can in rare circumstances occur in clusters in particular locations. Four such deaths must have been incredibly difficult for all involved in the school.

      Blessings to your community as you continue to live in the shadow…


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