Loving the enemy…

Been thinking again about love…

I was ‘bounced’ today by a particularly aggressive and difficult colleague. She had an issue with something I had done, which she perceived as somehow disrespectful towards her, and she very assertively diced and sliced me- with eloquent arrogance and sneering silences.

As usual, I did not cope well with the direct assault, and so bumbled my way to an apology (which I did not really mean, as I still do not know what I am supposed to have done wrong) and then threw in a few disjointed defensive positions of my own.

She put her sunglasses on and went on her icy way, leaving me grinding my teeth over what I should have said.

I had a lovely drive to Bute, listening to Test Match Special, but even hearing about Flintoff destroying the Australian’s did not drive away the cloud that hovered above the aerial of my car. A cloud of controlled ritualised aggression out there in the ether, just out of reach.


Ah… such is my condition. Despite my small and hopefully developing ability to be assertive, some situations still turn me to jelly. I wish I was tougher- a relisher of conflict as a resolver of problems and a way of defeating my enemies. A fast bowler pounding up a cloud on a flat wicket and humbling the emphemeral batsman before me…

Or sometimes I do.

Because no matter how my frailties weigh on me- no matter how unjust the day dawns. At the end of it all-

There is love.

But, Lord help me, I am not yet at that end…

2 thoughts on “Loving the enemy…

  1. Your ‘difficult colleague’ is there in your path for you to learn from. If she goes away another will replace her until you learn whatever it is you need to learn from this situation. I think you may find assertiveness is not the correct lesson plan.

    You should say a prayer of thanks every morning, noon, and night for her presence in your life. It is very trying for her to have to repeat the same lesson over and over and over for your benefit. She is only human too after all, unless she is an angel sent down from above..

    It reads as if you would just as happily bypass this lesson, but life does not work that way. You can’t go to the light until you learn how to fly.


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