Justice tinged with mercy, and erring on the side of grace…

I listened to this yesterday, and it made me proud.

‘Compassion and mercy are about upholding the beliefs that we wish to live by- no matter how severe the atrocity perpetrated.Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill.

The discussions linger on- was this man really responsible for the deaths of the hundreds who died when the Pan Am plane crashed in Lockerbie? If so, should he die in prison, or be allowed to return home to say goodbye to his family? These are not easy decisions, particularly when we listen to the voices of people who lost loved ones in the tragedy.

But we are a country who have partnered the USA to wage war in the name of peace in Afghanistan and Iraq. How refreshing to see compassion overcoming the desire for retribution and revenge.

If there is to be a mistake, let us err on the side of Grace…

2 thoughts on “Justice tinged with mercy, and erring on the side of grace…

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  2. I’ve struggled to decide what my take is on this. Up until this point I hadn;t seen Kenny MacAskill’s pronouncement, which I think has helped me to make my mind up.

    Thanks for your post, Chris

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