Scotland, Prophecy and Jean Darnell…

Jean DarnallIn 1967, American evangelist Jean Darnell, whilst passing through the UK had a ‘prophetic vision’ about the future of faith in these Islands- particularly regarding Scotland. It was such a powerful image that she and her husband stayed in this country for the next 25 years.

I was born in 1967, but had heard of Jean Darnell as I grew up- she had connections to an Anglican community of people in the South of England who were greatly influential as to development of charismatic revival throughout the Anglican church. I always thought of her as a kind and wise person, steeped in the Holy Spirit.

I had not heard about the prophecy however until I moved to Scotland. Here, it is still talked about in hushed and awed tones. She has repeated and clarified her account on several occasions, and various versions can be found using a quick google search- for example this one which is on the Cross rhythms website. However, this is a summary of what she said-

Vision Of Revival In Great Britain

The British Isles were covered in mist (a green haze), and Jean Darnell saw lots of pinpoints of light piercing through. As she looked, they turned out to be fires breaking out all over the nation, from Scotland in the North, to Lands End in the South.

As these God-lit fires were joined together they burned brighter. As she continued to pray, she saw lightning and explosions of fire and then rivers of fire flowing from North to South; from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales into England and some of the streams of fires crossed the channel into Europe, whilst others stopped.

These fires were pockets of people who had been made intensely hungry for the word of God and for New Testament Christianity, those who read the book of Acts and wondered ‘where is this church?’

These people would come together to pray and extra meetings would have to be laid on to accommodate all the people. Groups would be formed, prayer groups, Bible study groups – some would meet in churches, others would be in homes: some converted, others unconverted who were searching and seeking.

Two Moves Of God

Jean Darnall asked the Lord about the vision and had the distinct impression that there would be two moves of God.

1. Renewal In The Church.

The first would be the renewal of Christian faith and fullness of the Holy Spirit within the church.

2. National Awakening And World Vision.

This renewal of life in the church would spread outside resulting in a public awakening. The second part of the vision was the lightning striking around the nation. This move of God would be a national spiritual awakening, which would move into every level of the nation’s life; on the campuses, universities, colleges, schools etc., into the media and in the government.

There would be so many conversions that it would actually change the character of the nation of Britain and determine the future move of God in Europe. Jean continued that there would not be a part of the nation’s life that will not feel the impact of the spiritual awakening when God releases it to the country.

Great Preachers

The Lord told Jean Darnall that He would also raise up highly anointed preachers who would move in signs and wonders. These people would be a gift to Britain.

Communicators Reaching Britain And Europe

The word ‘communicators’ was strongly laid upon Jean’s heart and was a word that was not trendy in those days. [The internet was not be birthed until nearly three decades later in 1994 and Christian television first came to Britain via satellite in October 1995].

Jean explained that as the rivers of fire moved, it would produce powerfully gifted communicators who would address the nation through the media, (Through the arts, journalism, the radio and television). Actors, singers, teachers and powerful communicators (who have an anointing to work through the media) will be the new warriors that the Lord is raising up for His army [the younger generation] to reach the heart of the people on the European Continent. People with a special anointing will be sent out from these islands (of Britain) to other nations.

These communicators will be excellent in all that they do and will go into Europe and meet those of like quality (in training and abilities) and together they will work to release God’s word speedily into Europe. This will result in another wave of a spiritual awakening into Europe. Also, there would be communicators in government and within the educational system and wherever people are speaking [up] for others.

Jean Darnell visited the UK again this year- here is her speaking about Scotland again-

So what are we to make of this? Some of you will not even be interested in asking the question. If you do not have a Christian faith, you may think that all this stuff is just a little mad. Many Christians will agree with you. Many others (like me) have a more complicated relationship with the ideas and hopes contained in this prophecy.

As I mentioned above, I grew up in a church greatly affected by the wonders and wackyness of the Anglican Charismatic revival. I have since spent a lot of time around charismatic churches. I have blogged before about this experience- here for example. As a result of my experiences, I remain (in the words of Pete Rollins) a devout, faithful skeptic. I have seen much that repels me, but also much that was beautiful.

So here are a few thoughts/possibilities that occur to me as I look again at this prophecy…

  1. Jean Darnell was just wrong. Nothing of what she suggests would happen has happened. They used to stone false prophets in the OT days. Far from being a conduit of a massive move of God, the church in the UK is in terminal decline…
  2. Jean Darnell was speaking encouragement into an embryonic move of God. The late 60’s and 70’s did indeed see a charismatic revival- fires did spread through the church, and the ripples go on today. There are communicators, and preachers who still connect with wider Europe…
  3. Jean Darnell was speaking out of a particular context and understanding of evangelism- which longed and hoped for REVIVAL- transformative, all encompassing Holy Spirit saturated revival. No other move of God makes sense, and as such, the prophecy comes from a wish-fulfilling impulse. Revivals like this have happened here before (Wales, Outer Hebrides for example) and continue to happen in other parts of the world (Korea, parts of Africa.) However the outcome and aftermath of these outpourings is often very mixed. I no longer think that attempting to conjour and cajole God into reviving us should be our prime focus. But then again…
  4. Scotland. The central role played by Scotland in Jean’s prophecy seems to imply that what ever is to happen, begins here. I have looked in hope, but see no sign of fires in the North. There are enclaves of fervency and fundamentalism, but there is so much sectarian division and hard heartedness too… I do not see the fires starting inside the churches at the moment, let alone outside.
  5. Because of the decline in church, certain embattled remnants hold on to this prophecy with both hands. We NEED it to be true- because the alternative is an end to all that is held dear. However there is such danger in this- we become people desperate for heavenly Holy Spirit intervention, and forget the call to be Agents of the Kingdom here and now, rather than in the future. The shift in thinking that this requires for the people of faith in Scotland might itself bring about the fires in the north envisioned!
  6. How we understand prophecy seems to be crucial. We tend to think of prophecy as a prediction for the future that will be tested by time. In this instance, the jury is out, and perhaps about to rule against Jean’s prophecy. However, there is another way to understand prophetic utterances- as something that speaks truth into NOW- so many of the OT prophets were encouraging and warning their peers and rulers. Perhaps in this context, Jean was inspiring a generation, and we should not worry about carrying forward this vision like some kind of vision for the future.
  7. Let us just leave it to God.

51 thoughts on “Scotland, Prophecy and Jean Darnell…

  1. Thank you for this. I guess I come from a similar stable yet am uncomfortable with the ‘that’s part of my past: I’ve moved on now’ kind of language. I like how you are grappling with this issue. Food for (my) thought.

    Really appreciate your blog and take on things- I’ve been lurking for a while and haven’t made a comment until now. Thanks

    • Hi Graham

      Thanks for the thoughts- and for reading my ramblings!

      I try to stay ‘open’ too- God has this way of confounding our narrow ideas of who he is and what he wants to do… but neither am I interested in chasing the experience, and regarding this as the only valid spiritual experience.

      I wonder what we might discover in the future?

      Blessings to you- I see from your blog you are a cricket lover too? Alleluia brother!



  2. Chris she’s not the only one that has ‘declared’ this.. however most of the OT prophets were stoned not because of future events, but because of what they were declaring right here and now.
    It comes from an acute awareness of now. I’m not looking for revival or restoration or reformation.. but awareness. Thats were the fire starts and it is coming.. forget the meaning and look at what the democratic heart that exists here, can give you.

    I too think think that the created evangelical ‘experience’ of GOD is misguided,but, when He gives you a WHOMP and as you well know, in my case, a continuing samaritan role… it comes out when I look and speak and I’m more right than I am wrong… and even that is not something Im proud of. It must arise out of Scotland.. but not as you know it

  3. Hi Chris

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Jean Darnell’s words. I have heard her speak several times here in Southern California. My belief about the prophetic is that no matter how gifted the person, they’re still only getting pinpricks of information. Translating God to human is very difficult (and I don’t believe the problem’s with God), especially when it comes to understanding his timing for things. Quite often, when he tells us something, we are at point A, thinking he is speaking of points B or C, when actually there’s a whole alphabet of letters in between he hasn’t mentioned.

    We are anticipating a harvest here in America, and God is shaking his people first. We need reformation from our religious dysfunction before we can see God’s power poured through his church. When we see his people turning from unforgiveness, hatred, pride and judmentalism, and really asking God to take them to the low places, I believe then we’ll see a church ready for the things Jean Darnell has spoken about.

    I emigrated from Glasgow in 1975, so it’s been great reading a bit about the modern church in Scotland.

  4. We have such a limited view from where we are. We see what is happening in front of us, and not what is happening in the spiritual world behind. Our time frames are all screwed up as well, with email, and instant access to information on the Web, we want everything to happen at once.

    Perhaps the first question we should ask is not: ‘how, if at all, does the prophecy fit in with what we see happening?’; but: ‘What is the green mist?’ Surely the whole point of the pinpoints of light as they start out is that they cannot be easily seen by others or by each other. If we grab hold of just the second part we miss the point, the prophecy doesn’t start with the existing church getting everything sorted out and developing great preachers.

    The prophecy starts with a green mist. That part certainly seems to be coming true, but I am starting to see one or two pinpoints of light. For many years I seemed to be isolated in my desire to seek His face, but now I am starting to see one or two other pinpricks. I know it could still be a while before we see this vision come to full fruit, but if we really want it, the secret is to become a pinpoint ;o)

    • Hi Steve

      I agree with you about the mist, and the how it might refer to spiritual confusion and disconnection from God and one another. I hope you are right that some of these points of light are starting to come together- and like you, I can see some evidence of this.

      What I am less comfortable with is a kind of triumphalism that I have heard about this prophecy- it plugs into a kind of Christianity that sees our job as to whip up a Charismatic revival- and thereby see the dawn of some kind of new Christian Empire. I have lived and moved in this tradition, and know how all consuming and possibly deceiving it can be. It is a kind of wish-fulfilment, magical faith- which places incredible pressure on individual members to BELIEVE because if not then their lack of faith will prevent the things coming to pass. The legacy of the great revivals we look back to with such enthusiasm is also rather mixed- often leading to excess and in some cases absolute oppression- whilst being over and gone so quickly.

      (I am not saying that that is what you meant at all- just reflecting on my own struggles with this tradition.)

      I have a lot of respect for Jean Darnell, but I wonder if hanging on to prophecies like this does not potentially unbalance our call to be a people who are salt and light- not in order to make the whole world salty and blind, but to bring about the FLAVOUR of the world, and to shine light on things that are good and beautiful and true… A revival of this kind of faith excites me.

      But should God seek to part the old green mist and set things ablaze- then great!



  5. I met Jean a few times in the 70s and she helped me a lot then. I am not sure about her prophesies but I know that the fire must be in our hearts for God. We have to give up every part of our lives to Him to use as He will. We are not our own we are bought with a price, we have no rights but to love God and His creation. I read Oswald Chambers (a Scot) My Utmost for His Highest. It is very helpful on the dying to self and living for God. Often he speaks to the situation we are in and guides us to God’s answer.Every blessing, Chez

    • Hi Chez

      Oswald Chambers used to run a Bible School here in Dunoon. It ended rather badly I am afraid! Wonderful book though…

      The dying to self bit is an ongoing process though don’t you think?



  6. Amos 3:7 famously tells us –

    “Surely the Lord Yahweh will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

    But God doesn’t necessaily reveal his timetable immediately.

    Just yesterday, the Lord prompted me to revisit the Scottish National Covenant of 1638 (a Covenant that makes Scotland unique, as the only nation on earth, outside of Israel, to make a solemn Covenant with Almighty God).

    It was first signed in Edinburgh Greyfriars on the 28th of February and then copies were distributed across the land, to be signed by all. But it was at the Glasgow Assembly on the 21st of November 1638, that the Covenanters effectively seized control of the Scottish government.

    I thought I’d missed God because I saw no relevance in that date, but the Holy Spirit told me to look a little closer. Then I remembered to adjust for the changeover from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. That made it Wednesday the 1st or Thursday the 2nd of December – and that made it the 25th of Kislev 5399 – Hannukah – ‘the Feast of Dedication’ or ‘Festival of lights’.

    Hannukah is commemorated by lighting the 9-branched menorah, remembering the re-dedication of the Temple after the desecration of Antiochus Epiphanes, and the miraculous provision of God, in keeping the lamp burning for eight days on just one day’s supply of oil (symbolising the Holy Spirit).

    That was the day that Scotland married God and, although she has long since walked away from her husband, he does not forget or forsake his covenants…

    This is 2010, in which year the first day of Hannukah (the 25th of Kislev, 5771) begins at sunset on Wednesday 1st December until sunset on Thursday the 2nd, in an extraordinary convergence precisely mirroring the Hannukah of 1638.

    The reason I didn’t spot it at first was because it was double-encrypted – with 25 Kislev hidden by both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

    In Hebrew Kislev can mean ‘Trust’ or ‘Hope’, and speaks of anticipation of the coming rains. It also has the nickname ‘Month of Dreams’ – which reminds me of Joel’s prophecy. Our church is called New Hope Community Church, and we meet in Wishaw on an old Covenanter site.

    Do you suppose the fires of Revival that God himself will light in Scotland are the lamps of the Hannukah menorah? – The lights of Rededication of the Temple – A Temple which is now his holy people.

    • No I do not Allan. I do not believe that God is trying to remake Scotland has his Temple full of holy people.

      This for a whole lot of different reasons-

      Firstly, I do not believe that the New Kingdom will ever have a location that can be understood in terms of earthly nationhood. The Jewish people will never be replaced by the Scottish people, or the American people, even though people in both places might wish it so.

      Secondly, I do not regard your celebration of the Covenant in quite the same light. Think of all the violence and hatred that it grew out of, and the pain and slaughter that it unleashed. It is simply not possible to separate out the spiritual aspects of the covenant from the human and historical aspects.

      I do not believe that our role as Christians is to attempt to subjugate the state to the will of the Church. This was not the Jesus way, although it was the Covenanters way.

      The use of arms to propagate religion is heresy. In this case, we have to understand the politics, the spirit of the age, and the political games that were being played out.

      Our first allegiance is never to a nation- it is to a king and a kingdom beyond this place.

      And this Kingdom does not overcome through force or fire- it seeks to bring blessing and peace, and to change lives through encounter with grace.

      If these fires are lit on the Hannukah then hallelujah.



      • Thank you Chris.

        I agree that the Covenanters were fallible and tried to move in their own strength rather than God’s. But that was often the story of ancient Israel, and God still holds them in his hands to this day – and will do so forever.

        I also agree that ‘God is not trying to remake Scotland has his Temple full of holy people’, which is why I didn’t say so. Under the New Covenant, God’s Temple is both the Believer and the Church – not a building, but a Body. Not an organisation, but an organism.

        We teach undilute grace at New Hope, not legalism nor a compromised mixture of judgementalism. As a result we see people saved, delivered and healed on a regular basis.

        And I most definitely agree with your rejection of the godless heresy of Replacement Theology.

        Scotland will never replace Israel, nor did I suggest any such thing. But God does use strategic locations and people to accomplish his will. And it is not his will to subjugate the state to the will of the Church, but that the Church should dedicate itself to promulgating the will of God.

        The Covenanters were very much a product of their time, but they were willing to die for their faith rather than recant and meet their Maker as perjurers. And, while we do not celebrate the violence or the abuses on either side, we do recognise the zeal of a people who went to the gallows rather than allowing their religious freedoms taken from them, and despite being hunted down, shot and hanged.

        Many innocent lives were lost in World War Two, at the hands of British soldiers, sailors and RAF bombers, but that does not mean we should have just sat on our hands and laid out the red carpet for Adolf Hitler. Had we done so, far more than the shocking third of all Jews who died at Nazi hands would have persihed.

        What the Covenanters died for had far-reaching consequences, including the establishment of the United States of America, democratic government – which eventually led to the re-establishment of the State of Israel.

        Hannukah actually celebrates the successful outcome of the Maccabee uprising, which despite ‘all the violence and hatred that it grew out of, and the pain and slaughter that it unleashed’ Jesus still honoured and observed it.

        Apparently God has less difficulty than you seem to imagine in looking on the heart and not the outward appearance, and may not necessarily consider ‘It is simply not possible to separate out the spiritual aspects of the covenant from the human and historical aspects’.

        In the name of what you call Grace, Chris, you are very ready ready to condemn.

      • Just found your blog whilst researching Latter Rain movement and then Jean Darnell..
        I came to the Lord through the ministry of an Anglican church back in ’68. Jean Darnell would come and speak there and many of us were baptised in the Spirit and encouraged/helped to speak in tongues. (I still do when I don’t know what to pray in words).
        It was a good Church with a very good pastoral team and house groups and outreach.
        One of the curates led my father to the Lord then myself. Alleluia!
        I went on to live and work in Israel for five years, then into YWAM for another five years.
        It was kibbutz life and community life in YWAM that shaped my thoughts about the Christian’s place in society, church life and outreach.
        There have been so many changes! I remember the Billy Graham crusades, the nationwide Festival of Light , and subsequent events like Greenbelt.
        I remember Jean Darnell’s prophecy about revival, and as a very new Christian we were all fired up for outreach and prayer meetings..
        Well today at 69 I still have my focus on the early church set up, but not so sure about the charismatic component; prophecy, deliverance etc.
        I believe in elders and a serving ‘over elder’, with the gifts of teaching/pastoring and evangelism manifested. But not ‘prophets’ as a ministry..
        I believe in practical Christianity through house groups, loving and accepting each other , speaking the truth in love and helping each other to grow in grace in Christ Jesus.
        Mind you, I also think one can be too intense in this, and we have to allow each other space.
        So John 15 abiding in Christ, and 1st John, love one another..
        Sticking to the basics of the faith and focussing on Him who is our High Priest and Salvation.

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  8. Jean Darnell Personally laid hands on me and prophesied in 1994 and half of her word has come to pass.I have been trying to connect with her for since then to tell her that. if their is a way to have her email me i would love to ask her a few Q. It was At Kings Mansion Kona HI through YWAM, Dec.94 Thanks…please give her my email …
    in Christ,
    Erin Davila….

  9. Erin

    Jean is retired from ministry, but you can probably contact her through Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California. She was on staff there as a pastor for many years. They may be able to forward a message.

    Mhairi Forrest

  10. I was there, when the prophecy was given. There were a lot of prophecies then, as now, and a lot of chaff with the wheat. Jean (then) impressed as a person who was not only sincere but truly anointed, and her ministry backed up her words. I didn’t get over-excited or sceptical about this prophecy, because I saw that for me the best thing to do was press into the Lord for myself. There was no timeframe given for the prophecy, but maybe we need to take into account that WE need to pray it into being, as Daniel did with Jeremiah’s prophecy. I do think that we should now have a clearer idea of the need to disciple all believers, and that therefore the revival now, or soon, should be more effective than it would have been back then.
    Oh dear, I think I just took on another task???

    • Hi Robin

      Thanks for the comment- it is great to hear from someone who was there when Jean gave the prophecy. I recognise your description of Jean too as a person of integrity.

      I think it is interesting to hear you describe ‘not getting excited’ the prophecy then- I remember times like this, where there seemed to be so much going on, that all we could do was smile, and hold on to the moment- press into the Lord as you say.

      I wonder though about the ‘praying it into being’ thing? Is this what we do with prophecy? I have come to believe that such utterances are more often meant for the time they were given, as a means of changing/challenging/encouraging THEN.

      I would love to hear more too of what you mean by ‘discipling all believers’



  11. Totally enthralled by the discussions above including Jean’s prophecy. I had no idea Scotland played such an important part in the work of the Lord in the UK. Grateful thanks to all who shared their thoughts….

    Today, if you hear His voice…harden not your hearts….

    As we hear from God (and it may be different for each one of us) let us rise from our knees and go forward, as good soldiers/servants of the most high God. Seeking first His kingdom, His face, His glory and honour.


  12. This woman is clearly delusional to believe this. The fact that someone can believe in God nowadays with the mountains of evidence against any kind of God is absurd, we evolved over millions of years through natural selection that disagrees with the book of Genesis and if you disagree with the book of genesis then you disagree with God and Christianity; they are not compatible.

    This is a great life; think of all the events that had to happen over millions of years, or even each individual sperm and egg that had to be used in each of our ancestors for us to be alive today. The people that could be alive today in our places outnumber the sand grains in the desert, we are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. This is the only life we get and we need to live it to its full potential, believing in Bronze Age myths of Gods belittles the word around us and takes focus from us to live this life to its potential. Thinking about having another life after this one again takes focus away from this life, I mean look at the great world we live in, how much more do you want? We have a brief period of consciousness, please make the most the of it.

    • Hi Matthew

      Thanks for the comment- it will not surprise you to hear that I do not agree however.

      Firstly- many Christians have no problem whatsoever with evolutionary theory- which we would see as a ‘how’ issue, not ‘why’. There is no compatibility issue for me- even St Augustine seemed to not believe in a literal interpretation of the Genesis story. Rather it is the record of an ancient people engaging with the meaning of life and encounters with the divine. The meanings that these ancient poems/stories bring to us are not scientific ones- but are incredibly enriching, challenging and vitalising.

      As for the great life we have- Amen to that. The challenge that Jesus brought to us was how to live deeply, lovingly and joyfully in the now- something he called ‘the Kingdom of God’.

      As for making the most of our brief period of consciousness- indeed let us do that! With your views, I am surprised you waste yours on reading posts like this and arguing with them – which clearly you find delusional. I understand there is motivation in the argument, and seeking to correct the error you see in others- there has been rather too much of this sort of thing done by Christians after all. However- I would ask you to consider that million of people have found life and vitality- motivation and commitment to work for good as a result of their faith. I hope you manage to do the same with whatever world view you rest within.



  13. I was surprised to see Jean on the tv here in Spain when, just by chance I called in at a house I look after – they have satellite tv. Back in 1983 she visited the church I was at at the time( derbyshire,UK ) I was suffering from anorexia and experienced a ” deliverance” and instant healing when she prayed for me.That was a long time ago and my spiritual walk has taken a turn in the last 10 years where I´ve felt the Lord call me to keep Sabbath and His calendar of appointed times.

  14. It’s coming soon, the queen’s christmas speech had a strong christian message, this year. and also the prime minister, spoke recently of christian value’s, so we shall see, and put our faith in our lord.

    • I just returned from Belgium after 4 years and I can tell you that GOD is alive and well in Europe.
      Forget the religion folks, it’s dead. Only trust the Living word of GOD, it
      is eternal.
      No GOD, No Peace—— Know GOD, Know Peace!
      Shalom and Blessings to all— if lost you can still be found!

  15. I don’t believe there will be a big revival. Our job is to get and stay close to God and in his word. One sows, another waters but it is God that gives the increase. We have to do what we can to aid souls to come to God. I was very much helped by Jean in the 70’s but I am not sure that I would agree with everyone she seems to trust. However I honour her for her prayers for me.

  16. There will be a revival in Scotland. I am young and I am hungry. I long to spread the word of God to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. The revival will come. We have been chosen. Let us not doubt. We shall unleash the Kingdom of God through His love.


  17. The revival is coming to Scotland and the torch bearers are being sent from all over the world to come and light the fires. The major one will be a ring of fire around Scotland the other fires will be lamps that are lit throughout Scotland. There has been tremendous warfare and resistance but the battle has been won! The fire is on its way to you!

    • Hi Deborah

      Thanks for the comment, and forgive me if I ask you to say a wee bit more. I have heard other people say what you have said, and have looked in hope in the past for this to develop.

      Where is the ring of fire? Where are the lamps? What battle has been won?

      As mentioned in some of the discussion above, I ask these questions not because I believe for one minute that God is not at work in Scotland, through his Church, and even through means that we do not understand fully. Rather I ask the questions because I simply do not see evidence for the revival that others have proclaimed as happening.

      This means that I have to look again at the nature of the prophecy (which was the point of this piece) and prayerfully try to discern how to understand it, and how I should respond to it.

      I still worry that one kind of response that I have seen has been to emphasis a ‘spiritual warfare’ perspective, and infer a great clash of invisible armies. Our role in this perspective is to pray fervently for spiritual intervention in the form of a massive outpouring of revival- and to keep doing so almost as if God will change his mind if we do not.

      Does God need persuasion? Does he need a certain amount of fervency before there is a spiritual tipping point into the revival? Does this involve proclaiming a victory in faith, that we see very little evidence for in the physical realm?

      I know arguments well around Spiritual Warfare. I grew up with books like ‘Supernatural Superpowers’, but I also know the capacity for world views like this to become like a crowd viewing the Emperors New Clothes. I worry that the people of God might forget that our job is not to withdraw into a bunker mentality- a ragged remnant whose last and only hope is for massive heavenly intervention.

      God has and does intervene, and we are his hands and feet. Our role is to be agents of the Kingdom of God here, right now.

      Revival may be coming, and if so, hallelujah. Or perhaps our focus should shift away from some grand things and return to the human scale- the life of God in us, and the love we can show as a result to those he brings to us on a daily basis.

      Forgive me if this seems critical- I am not meaning to suggest that you are in error personally (clearly we have not met!) more share some wider concerns about things I have witnessed myself.

      Best wishes


      • I believe that God has His programme for the End Times, and I am content to see what parts of it unfold in my life time (the return of the Jews to Israel is significant I think). Most important bit is that I am found doing what He wants me doing. Even if it’s in the dampest most thistle infested part of the field, and I sometimes feel like Eeyore..
        The danger of modern day prophecy is that however earnest we are, we have to accept we are fallible and we might just get it wrong. If we make holding to a spoken prophecy an ‘article of faith’ we run the risk of deception and legalism creeping in.
        What we all should know is that we desperately need to be in love with the Lord Jesus, to worship Him and pary for Revival, however He chooses to bring it.

  18. I’m not keeping well with panic attacks and fear and worry and fear. I had people being very cruel to me in the passed. Please someone pray for me. My phone number is 07549480376. Please phone back. Blessings to all. Blessings from Addie

  19. Hi all just off to inverness for the day shopping hope you are well. Take care. Love to pray together sometime. My phone number is 07549480376. Please phone back. Blessings from Addie

    • Hi Addie

      Thanks for your comments and I hope your trip goes well. However, this is a personal blog and so if you are looking for prayer ministry or even specific support for anxiety/panic then you have not really come to the right place (although I can certainly send up a couple of prayers on your behalf.)

      For prayer ministry, I would suggest your local church.

      For specific help in relation to panic and anxiety (which can be very difficult and debilitating I know) I would suggest visiting here;

      Every blessing to you


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  22. Jean is a prophetess of God. She has not said anything that the Lord has not already promised in His Scripture. She is simply His voice of encouragement and confirmation that He has a great plan and that these are the last days that we are living in. I am a skeptic and I’ve challenged and fallen short of the gospel myself. I would love to visit Scotland, Ireland and Europe (I’ve already been to London and Paris, once). It’s been my pleasure to speak personally with Pastor Jean and she has much wisdom and insight to the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s will. I’ve always heard her say, “Thank you, Jesus,” and “Glory to God”, which shows she is humbly the Lord’s servant and nothing more than a beautiful and gifted child/servant of God. God bless her and her family 20,000-fold for the services and sacrifices they’ve made.

  23. I believe that now is the time for the true worshippers to come out and worship in spirit and in truth singing new songs to the Lord and bringing a revival to our nations that will begin the prelude to our judgment days.

  24. The focal point of the move of God will be a church in Aberdeen, dont go looking for that church yet as it not yet there, but one day there will be a church of at least 10,000. Now the difference between this move of God and others is that God is going to raise up the people to do the work of the ministry, in the moves of God of past you could say it was focused on certain men. However this means that the people will also have to be Holy just like in the men of the past were Holy men. So the need to live a Holy life will be preached strongly and God will pour out his Spirit on his church to cleanse the church.

  25. Like Robin, I too was there when Jean told us about her vision, just a couple of days after she had received it at St Mary’s Longfleet. Before any of us had moved to Dorset I took Jean to her first Fountain Trust meeting at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, and then we were neighbours for several years in Dorset where Elmer and I worked together during the day at Post Green. When The Darnalls (please note the spelling) moved to London in about ’73, I carried all their furniture to the flat, and shortly before they returned to the States I spent a morning with them discussing, amongst other things, this prophecy. We are still loosely in touch, although Jean’s daughter LaDonna handles the communications now.

    I mention all this to make the point that I had the privilege in the seventies of knowing Jean quite well, and as I shall make answer on the day of judgment I can tell you now that she hasn’t got a false bone in her body! Sitting next to Jean is like sitting next to a lighthouse: the Light of Christ just shines out of her, and her prophetic ministry is unlike that of anybody I have known since Edgar Trout died.

    But if you think the vision will just come to pass while you Scots sit on your hands and do nothing, I can tell you now ye do greatly err. When did God ever do anything without earnest, pleading, DESPERATE prayer from those who BELIEVED Him? Ask Donald MacPhail in Stornoway who prayed in the Hebridean revival and (to the best of my knowledge) is still praying now! If God’s plan to revive the UK is being held up because you and most other Scots are too lazy to pray, then all I can say is that I’d rather not be in your shoes at the judgment. It doesn’t make a halfpenny-worth of difference to God in which generation He brings His plans to fruition, but it’s the difference between heaven and hell for those living at the time.

    Perhaps the virulent anti-English racial hatred I experienced when living in the Borders has something to do with the delay? Do you imagine that God is going to set fire to that or any other sin? I tell you He will not. Remember what happened to those who complained to Moses that his promises had failed? They wandered in the desert for another thirty-eight years until all that generation were dead, and THEN God brought their children and grand-children into the promised land.

    So stop complaining to cover up your unbelief, get down on your knees and start praying. If you don’t others will, but YOU will lose the promise.


    PS: And if you have espoused the abominably false theory of evolution, it’s no wonder at all that you cannot now tell a true prophet from a false one. Please see my short piece at:-

    Click to access the_satanic_origin_of_evolution.pdf

    • Thanks for the comment Ian, which readers of this post can judge for themselves!

      My main reaction I have to say is a certain weariness in my spirit. You start with a lovely description of Jean herself, who everyone seems to agree is a lovely person. Next you suggest that the reason that her prophecy is not coming true is because we (the Scots – although I am half English and half Irish, even though living in Scotland) are not praying hard enough. What is more God is angry with us for hating the English, and mad with me in particular for ‘espousing the abominably false theory of evolution’.

      This circular argument about ‘prophecy’ within the 20th C charismatic tradition, which I grew up in, has all sorts of theological problems that you totally ignore. These were the point of my post above- what you have done is to blame me and us for God being thwarted. It all seems so Old Testament, as if Jesus, and his free gift of Grace, never came and died. Does God really need some kind of threshhold of prayerful desperation to be crossed before he will do what he promised? Where is the theological justification for this in the words of Jesus (rather than an over interpretation of the record of the ancient Hebrews?)

      As for Evolution- or as I see it, unfolding bursting creativity, let us agree to differ- as Christians have done for a couple of thousand years.

      My final thought concerns the POINT of revival. What does it achieve? You mention Stornoway- have you been there recently? What is left of the wild freedom of the Spirit that seemed to categorise the revival? That is not to deny the good things it contained, but to ask again- is this the only way we can be Christians- to long for what have always been rare and rather odd events? Might we be better of just learning to love each other rather than constantly playing my-truth-is-truer-than-yours games?

    • Quote: If God’s plan to revive the UK is being held up because you and most other Scots are too lazy to pray, then all I can say is that I’d rather not be in your shoes at the judgment.

      Seems like have some forgiving of the Scottish people, it may help to pray for them.

  26. Dear Chris,

    I know nothing of theology: I simply read the Bible – all of it – and have done for nearly sixty of my seventy years. To ascribe to the devil that which has truly come from God is the one sin for which the Lord Jesus said there was no forgiveness, and by calling Jean a false prophet you have strayed perilously close to that abyss. I am trying to pull you back from it.

    >”the 20th C charismatic tradition which I grew up in”

    Before I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit I was six weeks in prayer and fasting. The origin of the charismatic outpouring was very real and deep, though later it became mere froth. If all you ever knew was the froth you were right to reject that. Nevertheless the real was there at the beginning and is still available now.

    >”God is angry with us for hating the English”

    Yes He is, and it’s a one-way hatred. Let the guilty confess and repent, and let the Blood of Jesus deal with it.

    >”What you have done is to blame me and us for God being thwarted.”

    God cannot be thwarted, but you can shut yourself out of His blessing.

    >”It all seems so Old Testament”

    The Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. He is the Son of His Father, God of the Old and God of the New. To know Him at all you must know Him as both.

    >”Does God really need some kind of threshold of prayerful desperation to be crossed before he will do as he has promised?”


    If you refuse the obvious example of Daniel praying for Jerusalem (though you should not) at least hear Jesus teaching about the importunate widow. Is this because God needs to have His arm twisted before He will bless? No. It’s because there is in the heavenlies very great spiritual opposition to the prayer “Thy will be done” and that opposition has first to be overcome. If you have never engaged the enemy like that you will obviously be short of the experience to understand it, but that does not alter the fact.

    And as for evolution…. what are you asking me to agree to differ about? In my article I have attempted briefly to demonstrate not the utter falsity of the doctrine but its demonic source, and for a Christian that should be quite sufficient to tell him to avoid it like the plague. Have you read it? Is anything factually wrong? (Your statement is though; Christians have not differed about evolution for a couple of thousand years. Christians have never doubted creation at all until quite recently.)

    Yes, I’m afraid it is indeed a few years since I was last in Stornoway; but as to the point of revival…. if you have to ask that, you have obviously never experienced it (which indeed you have not):

    The point is that God is glorified by those who once vilified Him.
    The point is that wretched sinners are reconciled to an angry God and become holy.
    The point is that precious souls for whom Jesus died are swept into His Kingdom.
    And the point of the next and probably last one, is to prepare Scotland, the UK, and the rest of the world for the return of our glorious King!

    Isn’t that worth praying for? Unless, of course, you are not looking forward to it.


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  29. Yes, I grew up with this prophecy also. Our church leader endorsed it publically, and like so many of these – it looks as though it has failed. But let me tell you of something similar. Early 80s at a Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship meeting in Glasgow Central Station Hotel I heard the testimony of Marvin Ford. He died and went to heaven, he said that Jesus told him he would return in Marvin’s lifetime. Marvin was then in his late 50s. We rejoiced, the whole place erupted at this prophecy. True no one knows the hour or the day – but Marvin thought he knew the generation. Well 30 years later, I checked up on Marvin – he died! I contacted his organisation in the US – they acknowledged the prophecy – but when I told them it had failed – they stopped communicating with me. Just what happened back then? Why did we fall for such stuff – because it was what we wanted to hear – but it failed, totally failed! What does the bible say about failed prophecy? Need I say any more? Just look at the Lakeland thing, and the Tracy Campbell prophecy and the so called apostles blessing over Bentley….this stuff is just ou right dangerous – BEWARE!

  30. God told Jacob that He would bring him up again from Egypt (Gen 46:4). He fulfilled that prophecy four hundred years later when Jacob had long been in his coffin. It seems that some here would have accused God to Jacob of having failed His own promise!

    Yes, there are many false prophets around these days, and false interpreters of true prophecy, but Jean isn’t one of them.

  31. Just watch now and look for the William Branham prophecy concerning his son Billy Paul. That Los Angeles would be under water before he (Billy Paul) would become an old man. Now Billy is nigh on 80 years of age and Los Angeles is still not under water. What will we do if he dies before this prophecy happens…will it have failed? Much admired William Branham – we will take a hit if this one fails too…and this one has no (future proof) hidden meanings – IT IS WHAT IT IS!

  32. Another one bites the dust! The Agape Church in Scotland – their leader takes a hit. No details here just check out the news – ah well! Sad I helped them in St Andrews a couple of years ago………

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