On line networking- in case you thought not much had changed…

I have blogged before about my own mixed relationship to internet, and my feeling that on-line social networking is useful, but limited, as a method of human interaction. ( Here and here for example)

Technology continues to develop though, and who knows what is to come that may yet be more nuanced and more human?

However, I remain convinced that our call as Christians is to display beautiful community– a kind that is open, accepting and dynamic. It requires vulnerability, loyalty, commitment and a willingness to forgive, and to learn how to love, despite our constant tendency to hurt and wound and defend.

It may be possible to experience some aspects of this through on-line networking. Indeed, I think I have experienced this in part- but only in part. Online stuff can easily become a male theological ego-bashing debate, or an opportunity to find ascendancy and significance- I wonder whether the celebrity bloggers have taken over the centre stage from the guitar playing worship leaders in our ‘heros of the emerging church’ hall of fame?

But the internet, and the pace of change it is bringing to our WHOLE LIFE- this is undeniable. In case you need any further convincing, here is a clip that Christine Sine posted on her  blog here-

2 thoughts on “On line networking- in case you thought not much had changed…

  1. These visions of the future assume a “Business as Usual” view of the future. With depletion of the elements that permit the manufacture of chips and memory together with a continuing economic and looming energy crisis, my belief is that community will become MORE important and the challenge for the church is how well they understand world events and how they prepare themselves to be at the CENTRE of their local communities as the gap between the rich and poor, the haves and the have nots grows.

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