Meeting and hoping with friends in Largs…


We just spent a lovely couple of hours meeting with some people in Largs.

This was a networking meeting set up by Dave Wilson, to give  an assorted bunch of people the chance to meet up, share stories, and begin to imagine what being a Christian might mean for those of us who find ourselves longing for a more real and authentic way of expressing our spirituality and mission in the 21st century.

There were a couple of folk there who are members (companions?) of the Northumbria Community– a new monastic group that I knew little about, beyond the name. I hope to get to know more.

Then there were a couple of others who had found life in or around Charismatic Catholic organisations.

And many of our stories included much brokenness and pain- the damage that we can do to one another in the name of doctrine and denomination.

There were 4 of us at the meeting from Dunoon too- we set up a few worship stations, and Nick and I played a little music, but to be honest, the conversations were the important bit.

Dave asked the question ‘What next?’, and there was a reticence about wanting to name this as a ‘new thing’- rather people just wanted to meet again, and see what might happen- see what links begin to be made, and where the Spirit will lead us next.

I love meetings like this- full of hope…

If you are in the area (West Scotland) and want to be part of future meetings, drop me a line…

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