Michaela’s favourite view…

A gorgeous autumn day today- and I took a drive round to Lochgilphead to meet with some colleagues. Lovely.

As ever, the camera traveled with me, and I took this shot along Loch Fyne, into the afternoon sun.

It is Michaela’s favourite view, and I always struggle to do it justice, as the vistas are so broad and wide, ringed in the far distance by the hills of Kintyre.

But I am enjoying the wide angle of the standard 18-55 mm lens on my camera- partnered with a polarising filter, that teases out some extra texture from clouds and colours, given the right angle to the light. But this one was into the sun, and I kind of like it…

Hope Michaela does too.

lochfyne from strachur, 1

And with a rough nod to the ‘two thirds rule’, here is a shot with the horizon in the other place…

loch fyne from strachur 2

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