Rollins on leadership…

Alistair pointed me at this clip.

A bit more of the familiar Rollins technique of taking a concept and saying it’s only value is in rejecting it.

But in this case, I think I agree with most of what he says.

There are still a lot of BUTS though. The absence of Leadership leaves a vacuum that requires- leadership. (Note the subtle lack of a capital letter!) It is not whether we have leaders that exercises my thoughts at the moment, but rather what kind, and how they lead- particularly in the way of church.

2 thoughts on “Rollins on leadership…

  1. leaderless leadership.. guess you’ve had to have had a leadership role to understand this.. especially when lives and meds are in place. Personally as you know I dont wish it.. however letting others lead and do, has been the hardest thing in my life.. even to the point of monkishness and doing the keeping my mouth shut ministry.. It will eventually come down to a battle between you and GOD.. in my case HE won

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