Each autumn, we have visitors in our old house.

The mice look for somewhere dry and warm, and find their way into the cavities of our walls, and we hear them scratching and nibbling in the night.

We have a mixed relationship with them. I set humane traps for a while, and take them off into the forest. They are such lovely little things.

But they can just make themselves too at home, and eventually, we have had to deal with them in more radical ways.

Recently they found their way into a window seat in our bedroom, and chewed the plastic cover of… the bottle of mouse poison!

Ah the irony.

Sorry guys, it is time to release the stuff within.

2 thoughts on “Mice…

  1. We don’t currently have a mouse problem as the stoat that has made its home under our house is keeping them at bay.

    Now I just have to catch the stoat!

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