Strachur, and fiddling…

We are just back from Strachur, where Emily has joined the Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop sessions.

It is a whole new thing for her- the move towards learning traditional music by ear, not by reading notation. It is exciting to see her playing moving forward, and being linked into lots of new possibilities. She is also starting to play mandolin.

It is a big change for the family too- it is a 35 minute drive, and a hole in our week. But worth it I hope.

Music is so important to most of us. It is the backdrop to life, the carrier of culture and emotion- the shaper of memory. It is also a way of bringing us together and allowing us to communicate using a deeper, older kind of language.

May music find its way into your life, and your community this next week…

Whilst Emily played, I went off into the woods above Strachur. I combination of coniferous plantations along with some standard planting done by the Victorian landowners. I put up a lot of deer, and waded through all sorts of bog. There are few footpaths- just the firebreaks, and the tread of the deer along the edges of streams. It was warm today- and the dusk is lengthening the day.

Of course, I took the camera. The old Kirk in Stachur was a starting point…

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