Who will feed the cat if I am raptured?

I was checking out ship of fools as I do from time to time. And I saw this

There are usually a few things on the site that make me laugh. There are such rich pickings in the American mid west if you want to find some weird Christian stuff to stretch your eye-brows at.

This particular clip asks the real question of what happens to our pets should we rise with a trump and fly unexpectedly.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of the ‘rapture’, check out Wikipedia’s entry on the subject. If (like me) the concept of living a life in eager expectation of being sucked into God’s big hoover is unappealing, then feel free to not bother. However the article includes this list of previous predictions as to when it was going to happen-

  • 1792Shakers calculated this date.[citation needed]
  • 1844William Miller predicted Christ would return between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844, then revised his prediction, claiming to have miscalculated Scripture, to October 22, 1844. The result of their being no second coming was referred to as the Great Disappointment. Miller’s theology gave rise to the Advent movement.
  • 1977William M. Branham predicted in 1962 that the Rapture could take place by 1977[citation needed]
  • 1981Chuck Smith predicted that Jesus would probably return by 1981.[47]
  • 1988 – Publication of 88 Reasons why the Rapture is in 1988, by Edgar C. Whisenant.
  • 1989 – Publication of The final shout: Rapture report 1989, by Edgar Whisenant. More predictions by this author appeared for 1992, 1995, and other years.
  • 1992 – Korean group “Mission for the Coming Days” predicted October 28, 1992 as the date for the rapture.[48]
  • 1993 – Seven years before the year 2000. The rapture would have to start to allow for seven years of the Tribulation before the Return in 2000. Multiple predictions.
  • 1994 – Pastor John Hinkle of Christ Church in Los Angeles predicted June 9, 1994. Radio evangelist Harold Camping predicted September 27, 1994.[49]
  • 2011Harold Camping‘s revised prediction has May 21, 2011 as the date of the rapture.[50]
  • 2060Sir Isaac Newton proposed, based upon his calculations using figures from the book of Daniel, that the Apocalypse could happen no earlier than 2060.[51][52]

If Newton is right- you have time to make sensible preparations for the care of the goldfish.

Just make sure that the proposed carer for your pet is not exposed to any tracts, lest conversion robs your poor moggy of some cat-mint…

By the way- this article by N T Wright makes very good reading on this subject…

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