The father who walks with the Son and the Spirit…

I have taken a day off work today- the sun is shining, and I need a day at home after a really busy couple of weeks.

Greenbelt festival is looming!

Aoradh are going to be doing a few worship things again- participating in a day long worship event along with Sanctus 1 and Safespace. I just checked the GB website and see we are not mentioned as participants! How rude.

As part of the worship, we are providing a great big loom, into which people will be encouraged to weave in the names of their community- here is the loom frame in front of our house-

We are also doing a couple of liturgies- one around communion, with a really lovely piece that Audrey wrote, and another based on the Community of God- the Trinity, with our bit focussing on the Father.

If you are at Greenbelt this year, it would be great to see you- we will be in the New Forms cafe for most of the day on Saturday…

I pulled out an old piece of writing I did thinking about fatherhood, and have been doing some work on it. Here are a couple of sections I am playing with-

We were made for relationship.


All of us- with no exceptions

Every one of God’s children


From the star pupil,

To the remedial

Poorly clothed


Back-of-the-classroom loser


Who becomes the favourite

The Chosen One

The last-

Now made first



Of the most high God



Abba is not a word of examination

It demands no achievements

And sets no unreachable goals


Abba is not a word of judgement

It has no laws to uphold

And carries no truncheons


Abba is not a word of profit

It knows no sensible spending limits

And demands no collateral


Abba is not an ineffectual word

It answers to no committees

And has no obligations


Abba is not a word of power

It has no foot soldiers

And demands no blind obedience


Abba is not an absent word

It has no shoddy rented spaces

And evicts no tenants


Abba is an open word

Open doored

Open armed

And open hearted


It is a word that invites us home.

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