Chicken update…

It has been said (much to Audrey’s disgust!) that to be a member of Aoradh you need to keep chickens…

Not sure what that says about us all- but 4 of us now have them, or are planning to.

Our birds have settled in now, after just a couple of weeks. They started out timid and traumatised, scared of their own shadows. Then over the next few days, they explored further and further out of their coop into the garden- going a few meters extra each day.

The kids have been so involved with them- running out each morning to check for eggs, picking them up to help them get used to being handled, and reporting on their activities hour by hour.

We are getting two eggs a day at the moment- we think that one of the chickens has not started laying. The eggs really are delicious- big, with dark yellow yolks.

And despite my rather unsentimental attitude towards animals, they are very endearing creatures. They do such odd things- Today one of them had a fight with a bumble bee, and yesterday, one had a peck at a friends bum as she liked to look of a zip on her trousers.

Some tips so far in case you are considering joining in the chicken owning craze-

  • Preparation- get your garden chicken proof first- decide which areas you are happy for them to roam, and fence off as appropriate.
  • So far ours have not done too much damage- although we lost a salad crop, and we have a regular chicken poo collection- if you are happy to take the risk, then focus on your boundaries.
  • Putting them away in the coop at night is no trouble at all- they like going to bed at dusk, but try it in the middle of the day when they are mid peck, and it is a different ball game!
  • A decent coop is worth the £60 that you spend on it- being so much easier to keep clean.
  • Chickens (even battery ones) love to explore, and peck at interesting things- give them plenty to do.
  • They are great fun- the very best kind of pets- ones that put food on your table!

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