Starting a new thing and then sustaining it…

I have been thinking about several new beginnings. All of them are at that stage where they are just a shapeless mixture of excitement, optimism and possibility, mixed in with…

Fear that I will fail

Worry about the consequences for my family and my friendships

A growing realisation of all the hard work to come

On the whole though, I love this period in a project. When ideas crackle and spark, and things just seem to take on a life of their own, with you following through the doorways that open up. It is a time of great creativity and imagination.

But I am very aware that some of my co-conspirators find this process much more alarming. My tendency to allow an idea to grow legs and run off over the horizon is particularly disconcerting. You should ask my wife!

This tension in groups is pretty inevitable. And it always seems to require good communication, deliberate pauses to reflect and check out where we are up to, and the application of minds more driven by detail than mine ever is. Which tends to be the point that I can become frustrated and stressed. Things that seem so clear in my mind (but I have not communicated very well) suddenly are filtered through several different perspectives…

But after all this forming and storming, there is the issue of dealing with the longer haul…

As I have got older, I find myself less and less satisfied with repetition. Which is strange as I think I was a bit of a plodder in early adulthood- happy to build credibility by showing myself to be reliable and dependable over a longer time frame. I suppose this is reflected in my career- I have worked for only two employers (albeit in several different roles) over my 20 years in social work.

So the other issue about any new project is this word sustainability

It is a word that implies the long haul. And also increasingly means something about the way we use resources (finance, raw materials, energy, time.)

For me too, sustainability is mingled in with relationships. This is perhaps the way my mind is wired- but also it is a thing that Jesus has set loose in me. Enterprise becomes social enterprise, activity becomes group activity. This is always more complicated, and potentially fraught with difficulties- but it seems to me to be the way we humans were meant to live and work and have our being…

This is what I feel myself to be in the long way of- commitment to living, working and being in the Jesus way. Compromises are so wearing…

More on this to come…

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