In which I write for The Guardian!

Well, almost anyway.

I posted a travel tip in an idle moment a few weeks ago, as Michaela had just broken her camera, and here was a chance to win her a replacement.

I forgot about it, until this evening, when Michaela sat reading the weekend Guardian. It usually takes at least a week- you know what weekend papers are like.

And there I was, in nice black print. I have now scratched my name on the fabric of time and space to be remembered for ever. Or at very least to be a posh chip wrapping.

I did not win the camera though.

It was a tip about the Isle of Coll, as a beach back packing destination. One of many wonderful Argyll islands.

1 thought on “In which I write for The Guardian!

  1. Well done! Doesn’t it feel nice? I always remember the first time the Herald published a letter I’d written…and I have to confess to still being excited when I get a byline, three years in the job!
    The chip wrapper thing is funny, though. Every time I am starting to maybe, just maybe, get above myself a wee tiny bit, I find myself in the local chippy for a supper – and see my cutting-edge work (haha) surrounding successions of suppers. It makes me laugh. šŸ™‚

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