Science kills God. Again.

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The news is strangely full of Steven Hawking’s statements about God and the beginning of the universe. It is suggested that he has changed his mind- about the lighting of the fuse of the Big Bang. He has suggested that the origin of the universe did not need a Creator, as it would have happened anyway.

Strange because it seems such an old argument- the old conflict between faith and science. Why on earth is it all news again? Perhaps it relates to product- Hawking has a new book to hawk.

But there is quite a bit of this around at the moment I think. Richard Dawkins has a series on channel 4 trying to evangelise the atheist gospel of purity through enlightened scientific knowledge. Dawkins has an ego the size of France and I am not sure many people are very interested in his ranting- any more than they are interested in Christians who use the same style of rant to propagate their own evangelical crusade, but it does seem strange that there is a renewed interest in these issues.

I wonder if it is at least partly because of the uncharted territory that physical sciences are finding themselves in at present? All those nano particles and Hedron collisions.

So we see God used even by scientist to explain things that they can not (Who remembers the so called ‘God particle?) until they believe that they now CAN understand, and so God is pushed back again. I have heard this kind of God described as ‘The God of the gaps’- he exists only to deal with that which we have not yet fully explored, then we have not more need of him.

But science and religion are like air and water. They do not mix, but are strangely made up of similar molecules. One can contain a little of the other, but only for a while before they are forced apart again.

One deals with how, the other why. One with process, the other with meaning. One with macro and global, the other with micro and personal. One with text books, the other with human encounters.

I am not a scientist- but I need science. And scientists- whether they know it or not- need poets.

Today, Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah or Jewish New Year. A time when Jews remember Creation.

Before which there was nothing.

And poem was yet to begin.

1 thought on “Science kills God. Again.

  1. divine…science could not know how brain works or even could not kill
    even mosquitoes ….what to talk of God…..

    Either people believe there is current or people do not believe there is current. Knowing the current is religion , knowing the use of current is science, Believing…. and not believing ………both are philosophies.

    Atheist has time to talk…….theist has time to follow……….knower has time to live….. …

    love all….

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