Potty road trip…

I am just back from a road trip with a couple of friends- we drove down to Derbyshire in a rattly rented van to fetch a load of pottery equipment bought off ebay. A 7 hour drive each way, with an overnight at Michaela’s mums, and a few pints in the evening.

This included loads of glazes, clay, kiln furniture and not one, but TWO kilns.

Oh- and one of them weighed half a ton.

So there we were, Simon, Paul and I, along with two of Michaela’s uncles (The fantastic Ken and Phil- men who are used to hard work!) faced with a winding garden path, steps and low garden walls. Two previous potential buyers had taken a look and decided that fingers, toes and vertebrae were more valuable than the kiln.

But we were not to be so easily put off!

So about an hour of weedling, scraping, levering and hammering later, it was in the van and on the way up country. The unload was fun too (thanks Andy!)

We just need to empty our cellar of all the accumulated junk, install a new electrical circuit, and then people can get potting.

Not me- I have other gifts.

And anyway- I will be in traction for a few weeks…

3 thoughts on “Potty road trip…

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