Pooh sticking the summer…

Just had a lovely time at our Aoradh family day.

We share a meal, then someone leads some worship. Today Paul got us telling stories of  our summer, then thinking of what we want to keep, and what we would prefer to throw away- in the the form of a Pooh stick.


I found this bunch of berries- one of those that used to be a stamen of some interesting lilly thing, but is now rotting quickly away.

Like the summer.

As might be inferred from my earlier post, the black dog has been stalking me a little. And the approach of the dark season makes me apprehensive.

So my berry poo stick became a prayer for all of us whose mood is mercurial, and easily shadowed by winter.

A prayer that the decay of the old might still be followed by a time of new birth…

And in the meantime- my your fireside be shared with good friends.

As mine is.

3 thoughts on “Pooh sticking the summer…

  1. The darkening season? I can see it affects so many of us in a dulling way. Hopefully this season we can share more and I can be more supportive. Thanks for today

    • Thanks to you too!

      Darkness is important- as well as the light. It is something that I am well used to now, but the support of a good friends is always welcome, and hopefully reciprocated…



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