Renovation and change…

More work on the old house.

The back bedroom/spare room this time- a ceiling that has been hanging on a horse hair thread, because of previous water damage.

Renovation as an analogy of change? Here we go-

  • Renovation is not the same thing as restoration.
  • It always involves a lot of mess at first.
  • It is possible, either through lack of resources, or unwillingness to make the mess, to fiddle around at the surface, and try to ignore the deeper problems. If you do, you will regret it later.
  • Get people to help who know what they are doing.
  • The use we put the house to is very different from the use it was put to in the past- so we need different materials, and to create different kinds of spaces.


Kind of reminds me of an old poem, written in a prayer room a few years ago-



I can hear a creaking

A groaning from the joists

Pipes and drains are leaking

Floor boards are tearing loose


Can you smell the horsehair plaster

Stripping off from lath?

This could bring disaster

Or perhaps could clear a freedom path


There’s a time for all things

The good book says

To reap, to weep, to build, to sing

To mourn then turn the journey on


The marshal yards are empty now

And the cranes stand fixed and rusty

The shipyards moved to other towns

And the churches all lie empty


Lord teach me to move like water

Running from these mountains


Tear out my feet from concrete shoes

And dance me till I flutter

For freedom comes to those who find

Your keys amongst our clutter



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