Preparing for commerce…

So- time to announce to the world the start of a new business!

You may recognise the photo- see here.

We have spent some time over the past few weeks gathering things we have made to display at a big Christmas craft fair in Dunoon next weekend. Yesterday, Michaela, Helen and Pauline set up a table in our lounge, with me running in an out making brackets and prop-ups and rails.

It is quite an involved process- my inclination was to pile the table high, but Pauline, who knows about this stuff, pointed out that the idea was to draw people to things they could actually see, rather than a tangle of stuff.

All this is another step towards our co-operative craft venture. It is exciting, because everything is new. ‘Sea Tree’ will be the name of my contribution to the whole- we still have not found a name for the co-operative. Any suggestions?

I will not be manning the stall next weekend- I am rubbish at salesmanship, particularly when it involves things I have made. It is a skill I need to learn though I suppose- although it is a big leap for a public servant wage slave…

So- here we go.

Sea Tree

images . words . sculptings . crafts

Coming to the Queens Hall, Dunoon, Saturday 6th of November

commissions taken

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