Winter calls us to fireside…

It is a cold night.

It feels as though winter is with us now- the trees are almost bare apart from a few rattly dry leaves. Frost is on the windows of the car, and the sky has a cold clarity that brings out the wonder in me.

Not that I linger long before the expanse of it- rather I shiver and feel the beckoning call of the fireside.

Tonight our housegroup met- we watched the second of the recent ‘Big Silence‘ series.

As ever there was much laughter first though- my favourite story tonight was from Pauline, who described taking her grand kids on the train into Glasgow, and being uncomfortable as they were sitting next to some loud sweary young people.

“It was great last night” shouted one. “We got pissed and talked about good stuff like drink and sex and zombies!”

Drink and sex- fair enough.

But zombies?

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