The power of the event…

I have spent much of the day in a horizontal position, after coming a cropper yesterday running to escape a hail storm- falling down some stairs onto a low wall. Most of the damage done was to the ego (thankfully it was dark) but I have a bruised and battered lower back.

From a prone position, I have watched too much pointless TV.

Which set me wondering again about the way life just slips by- measured according to bites of tertainment




After a day in front of the box I am craving something to happen that is real- that has significance. A real conversation, a new encounter, or something creative and beautiful.

But what I did was to switch on the laptop and look out across the great wide web, full as it is with ephemera, all pretending towards significance.

And I came across this video of U2 doing a ‘secret’ concert in downtown Brooklyn NY.

Of course, this is a just a bit of clever media manipulation by a great rock and roll band- but you can see the effect that their presence had on people.

Their experience of the mundane was transcended by the extraordinary.

These kinds of moments are always rather precious- even for people like me who incline towards the cynical, hiding behind observational distance.

It makes me think again about church. I have spent a lot of time using music to try to create ‘events’. Often I failed- but sometimes these events did transcend the mundane. And it is hard not to be seduced by the high of playing music to thousands of people, or tens of people. It becomes a way of making a mark- a stab at significance.

In Aoradh, we do not really do these kind of things any more, but the power of events as a way of giving people opportunities to collectivise spiritual experiences is still part of our repertoire. This is the reason for our up and coming Sky lanterns event in a couple of weeks…

But the pursuit of experience can be addictive- even idolatrous. Real life does not happen on a stage. It happens in the press of ordinary things.

But we all need to kick up our heels from time to time…

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