‘Test of Faith’ film and evolution…

A couple of years ago I blogged about the then up and coming film ‘Test of Faith‘. Here is the trailer-

I had forgotten about the film until reminded recently by Pauline A, and have still not watched the whole thing- although there are lots of clips now on you tube as well as the link above.

The science/religion debate is an old itch that I keep having to scratch. I am not entirely sure why… this was the subject of long discussions with an old friend, no longer with us, and his voice still forms part of the debates in my head.

But I have no interest in ‘proving’ or ‘disproving’ anything- and most of the technical debate just passes me by. However, I am driven to grapple with what it all means– how it relates to the bigger picture.

And also- how we people of faith can remain open and honest when faced with apparently challenging and oppositional science. This has been a subject of some recent conversations, so I thought that a fresh post on this issue might help me (and hopefully  you) to have a chew on this issue again…

In another previous post I said this-

I believe that the poem of life that has been given to us in Genesis is true. I am not a scientist, or a theologian – I am a poet. For poets, truth is given not as a blue print, or a mathematical equation, although these things are wonderful and creative in their own right. Poems bring meaning and beauty in the abstract, in order to make clear the obvious. They are often far more concerned with the ‘why’ questions than the ‘what’ or the ‘how’. Poets should have no fear of scientists, who speak a different language.

As for those of us who have faith in the Creator God, I think we should also have no fear as we read the poem of life from the beginning of Genesis. We do not need to defend, or to stand against the scientific community. It makes us look stupid. Think of those folk in an earlier age who found their world view challenged by those who said that the world was not flat, and that rather than the sun turning around the earth, in fact we seemed to orbit the sun. This was the theological dynamite of the medieval age, and as such, was an idea suppressed by the religious powers of the day.

But God is not defined or limited by science – his was the art that birthed the science in the first place.

There remains however, the issue of evolution- a grand theory that has been used and misused for 150 years to try to make sense of the science. (There is a list of broad positions that Christians appear to have taken up in relation to this issue here.)

A theory that has almost total support in the scientific world in it’s broadest sense. How then do Christian scientists make sense of  faith in the face of such a dominant hegemony? The film seems to deal with this really well- here are a few clips that are well worth watching-

Finally- after all the debates- lets return to the book of the Bible that perhaps above all contains the human search for the meaning behind life- the book of Job-

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