Blackpool rock…

The glass is half empty again.

Strange that I should feel so ‘down’ after being part of such good things recently- but it is part of a familiar pattern, and this too will pass.

Because I set myself to some kind of honesty here (or at least a nod in its direction) I will practice the old vulnerability of poetry.

Forgive the mawkish self pity- and worry not- all the best people are broken. And I am more broken than most.

Oh- and forgive the bad language. Not something I would normally resort to, but in this instance, it seemed apposite.

Blackpool rock


There are words that run through me

Like a stick of Blackpool rock

Revealed again at each teeth jarring splinter

Slickened in scornful accusation

They say;





All f****d up


Better not to let you bite

At this broken edged circle

Lest you read me clearly


And God is gone

Even if the space he left behind

Still resonates

4 thoughts on “Blackpool rock…

  1. There is a welsh phrase I use sometimes: ‘Cym ofal’- it means ‘take care’- I always use it to mean much more. So ‘Cym ofal’..

    I could use earnest words, but they would not be heard right now so just keep going: The Lord bless you and keep yoy.

    And that poem is not mawkish- it is powerful stuff….

  2. That poem speaks to my heart, and my experience. Healing is possible Chris. May you be well, may you be happy and free from suffering. You deserve all blessings. Much Love to you

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