Gypsy boy…

Did anyone listen to this on the radio the other day?

A new series of The Choice begins this week with the story of Mikey Walsh.

He grew up in the closed world of the Romany gypsies.

Rarely at school, he seldom mixed with anyone outside his community with its colourful characters and strict family code. And despite its violence and hardships, it was the life that Mikey loved.

Eventually he was faced with the agonising decision of whether to turn his back on everyone and everything he knew …..and face an alien world with no education and support… knowing he would never be able to return.

What a powerful story- full of humanity and grace. A story of violence, community, love, prejudice and dealing with homophobia- a leading to a kind of reconciliation.

I defy anyone to listen to this programme (which you can do on the i player) and not be moved…

Walsh has written a book entitled Gypsy Boy- attracting rave reviews, and almost certain to become a film.

May he and his family flourish.

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