Greenbelt beckons…

Aoradh spent tonight planning for some events we have up and coming- including our worship slot at Greenbelt Festival.

Greenbelt suddenly seems close, and we are still really at the ‘playing around with ideas’ stage. However, this is usually my favourite part of any project- the bit where you get to create things out of next to nothing- and how one idea sparks another, then another. The theme this year is ‘Dreams of home’- we are playing with some themes around the Feast of Tabernacles.

I am also doing some poetry with Proost– recorded and available on headsets around the site. I have not written that yet either! To be honest, I am a little worried about this- my poems tend to be so introspective and private- and these poems have to sit alongside those of two really great performance poets- European poetry slam champion Harry Baker and the equally brilliant Padraig O Tuama.

Oh dear- I can’t do that. Or that. I suppose that as ever, I need to stop worrying about what others do, and just trust that what I am/have is enough. I can do that. I think. Perhaps I will write a poem about it.

Anyway- there is lots of good stuff at GB this year- some music I really like- A Show of Hands, Kate Rusby,  as well as headline speakers Rob Bell and Brian McLaren.

If you are going this year, and you read this blog- drop me a line, perhaps we can share a beer/coffee.

Otherwise, Aoradh’s worship slot is on Friday night this year- 7pm I think…



2 thoughts on “Greenbelt beckons…

  1. I’d love to be there at Greenbelt but … I’ll be stuck here Downunder – again. Met up with you guys at GB09 and loved what you did then and since I have found This Fragile Tent have followed you. I like what Aoradh do – one day I’ll get back over and I’ll try and catch up with you (and Greenbelt). I’ll aim for Greenbelt in 2012 but will have to see how I can make that happen. And i’m sure your poetry will stack up nicely against what Harry and Padraig do – sure it’s different but that can be a good thing. A bit of quiet introspection does a soul good.
    Wish I could be there – but more power to you and Aoradh! I’m sure you will lead a great worship time.

    • Hi Rob

      Good to hear from you over the vast oceans… and thanks for your kind comments. Every year Aoradh say that we will not be going to GB this year, as it is a long journey for us too (all these things are relative!) and we worry about putting so much energy into something so far away. But then we go anyway- as it is such a melting pot of ideas and good things. Sorry you can’t be there this year- but hopefully next year.



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