A vicar in a riot…

Someone tweeted this today- which I think is a rather wonderful piece.

It tells the story of a Chaplain Hayley Matthews on her way home, suddenly ‘Kettled’ along with a group of looters and rioters- and their strange reaction to the presence of a dog collar.

In his piece, she said this- which I really liked…

The trouble is, we do have a two tier society without a doubt, and while bankers have been allowed their bonuses having stitched us up every which way, we will continue to pay for this in more ways than one, and tonight is just one of them.  With the cuts aimed primarily at the poor and the needy and the disenfranchised, things can only get worse.

And what will we do?  Continue to promulgate the values that have created this deadly cocktail of haves and have-nots, faithless, hopeless people who have been taught that consumerism is a recreational right and all moral and religious education completely nonsensical?  Surely THIS is nonsensical?!

Please God that we wake up and smell the coffee, before we condemn yet another generation (no pun intended).

3 thoughts on “A vicar in a riot…

  1. This is something I’ve said for years, even as a lapsed Catholic, that the decline in moral responsibility of uk society is in line with the decline with the teaching of genuine faith (including other than Christianity but discounting hatred inciting teachings claiming to be of the Quaran)

  2. My take is big one this one.
    Consumerism stems from materialism.
    Materialism was strengthened in 1927 by a conference of physicists which voted FOR chance (rather than determinism) playing a fundamental role in the nature of the universe.
    Materialism was invented by Pope Urban VIII in 1633 when he separated the church from science and gave science the ethos that it should base its work strictly on the material, and leave G-dly matters to the church.

    This split told the world that matter is separate from G-d. IT ISNT. HE IS THE SOURCE. The split has hampered both sides because with the ethos in mind science is incapable of finding G-d and has to rely on ‘dice’ (and believe it or not magic) instead. In a similar vein the church is restricted to promulgating the idea of a magical disconnected G-d who works by invisible strings. Both sides have it wrong. G-d is visible AND science doesn’t need to rely on ‘magical’ disconnected forces to explain (e.g.) gravity. And the church doesn’t need to rely on ‘superstition’ to explain itself. Neither are invisible, neither are magical. All is explainable.

    When the two sides eventually do re-converge (and they will, I’ve seen how), science will SUPPORT the notion that there is a G-d. It will support the notion that the soul is separate from the material. It will downplay the significance of the material in our existence. It will replace its magic with a maturity of understanding that nothing is possible without a Source.

    The trend at the moment is downwards. Polls in the third world indicate a very high acceptance of there being a Higher Power. Whilst in the ‘developed’ world that knowledge becomes sceptisism (i.e. from the dice) and the polls indicate a much lower acceptance that He might be there. The trend is that materialism and science brings a release from poor health (etc) and relaces it with comfort. But it also surreptitiously says “this is all there is to it, so you might as well take what you can get whilst it’s there”.

    THIS trend can only change by a paradigm shift in physics. A huge unseen structural bias has built up in science for the dice and magic route it has been given. A dam has been created to hold back the incongruent evidence and to keep those in favour of the dice in dry comfort. Admitting it was wrong will not be easy or cheap. But it will happen. It has to happen. I know the way it will happen. I know an experiment that could cause the first crack in the dam.

    That is, the first crack in the dam that will one day burst and set free an understanding by the whole of mankind, that there is more to it than just the material. It is not just an accident. It was not just dice that brought us here. It is not a matter of take it while you can.

    Things will change and with a little help the day that dam bursts can be brought forwards a little.


  3. cont’d

    But without the dam bursting the downward trend WILL continue. There is nothing in sight that will stop it.

    Does anyone else there believe in determinism (like Einstein). Does anyone else want to see that crack appear in the dam of materialism? Does anyone want to help me bring it about?


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