End of our cricket season…

Yesterday signaled the end of our playing season. A sad day- pointing to the coming winter.

Sad too as Will and I will have to wait for next year for another game- even though most of our matches this year have been cancelled due to rain. It has become a real pleasure- to play (mostly badly) and to watch William hold his own against adults. In fact, sometimes more than hold his own.

Yesterday was a case in point. We played a strong team from Edinburgh, packed with fit antipodeans in their 20’s and 3o’s. They blasted me for consecutive sixes, and the captain took me off, replacing me with William. Who turned the ball and stopped the scoring instantly.

Then I was full of pride as I watched his diminutive figure playing immaculate forward defence, until he eventually pulled a little too loosely and was caught at square leg.

We lost again- badly, but I will miss our outings.

However, my body is sore- tennis elbows, hamstring and bad back. I need an off season!

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