A new chicken…

We welcomed a new creature to our menagerie at the weekend- a Bantam chicken, courtesy of Freecycle. Chickens (like humans) are not good when isolated and alone- they need company, so the wonderful Freecycle in this instance acted as a kind of dating agency (in a platonic kind of way you understand.)

She came to us named Sugar, but we renamed her Bandit, as she proved to be rather tougher than our last surviving chicken. The first thing that chickens do when they meet each other (Also like we humans) is to jostle for position- to measure their worth in the pecking order of life.

Thankfully, after a few flying feathers and odd pecked eye, things have settled down to some kind of communality. Whether you could call it friendship I am not sure. I do not speak chicken.

Here she is, mid peck…

9 thoughts on “A new chicken…

  1. Do feecycle do humans as well?

    Where do I go for a conversation? No don’t say the pub. I mean a proper one. I want to talk deep. I want to share. I want others to see me as support and rely on me. I want to give and through giving receive. I want to LIVE amongst people, not in this desolate isolation.
    Where do I go for all this?

  2. Can you imagine the sort of frustration it is when you have so much of G-d’s love bursting inside to have freedom. It wants to express. It’s desperate to express. It can’t stand the physical and social isolation. It has to express.
    It’s not just that without expression it is meaningless. It’s that without expression it’s going to kill me. It has to, it’s going to explode. Why won’t the internet absorb it? Why isn’t there a club for the expression of love?
    LOVE and the utter, utter, utter frustration of LOVE.

  3. SO MUCH LOVE. Why does it frighten people away? Why are they frightened of LOVE? Why does everybody just think of the size of their car or the holiday?
    I WANT TO EXPRESS LOVE. It’s driving me insane.

  4. I told my priest person the other day that when he’s doing his sermons “Not to mention G-d and LOVE” all together in the one sentence.

    To have a G-d is one thing; quite a fascinating philosophical subject. But then to combine that and have a G-d of LOVE is just mind-blowing. Absolutely mind-blowing. If you could magic up the best possible thing what would it be? A fast car? A beautiful yacht? A permanent holiday?

    Or a G-d that loves, just loves, unconditionally?

    To come from agnosticism into a knowing of this, and to do it ALONE is simply too much. Those whose fault it was simply didn’t realise what they were unleashing inside a vessel which wasn’t built to hold it.

    I NEED HELP coming to terms with impossible.


  5. I think, just think, nothing so presumptuous as knowing. I think that perhaps those whose fault it was, don’t actually really know just quite as much as I seem to. Perhaps they do a sort of ‘believing’ thing where there’s a ritual and provided they do it then they’re saved and that’s it. And of course if there isn’t a G-d then it doesn’t matter because they’re just in the same boat as everybody else. Ritual and the three-card-trick is their conclusion.

    NO. I want to express love. I want to show that ritual counts for NOTHING in the choice between it and the expression of love. Sure, if it helps then do it, but the key thing is: THE EXPRESSION OF LOVE.

  6. I have talked to nobody today, all day long. I talked to nobody yesterday, all day long. A couple who I used to talk to can’t handle me any more and have stopped talking to me. I JUST WANT TO EXPRESS LOVE.

  7. Is there nobody on the planet that wants to join me in the expression of love?
    Do I have to SUFFER love all on my own?
    Is there really nobody anywhere at all?

    I suffer from a HUGE psychological SHOCK to my system. I suffer from a heightened LOVE and a deepened social isolation. And these things both happened at the same time, so it’s a shock which I don’t know how to handle. But it’s such a shock and I’m so unprepared for it that I perhaps frighten other people. But I need their help to come to terms with it. But they’re frightened away by my intensity.

  8. You would think that “SUFFER love” was an oxymoron wouldn’t you ?

    I can tell you it quite definately isn’t. The suffering is very, very real and so is the love.

    I wonder if suffering it is the worst kind of suffering, because it shouldn’t happen? And it shouldn’t happen in a christian community; the place where I go for refuge should not be the source of my suffering, surely?

  9. Hi Carl

    Unfortunately Freecycle do not do humans!

    Suffer/love…. I can not doubt the strength of your feeling- I can only hope that there is yet some way forward out of this.

    You seem to both suggest that this is something to do with you- somehow frightening people away, and also a failing of Christian community. I only know from my own experience that we can do very little about changing others- all we can do is try to work on our own stuff. What is frightening people away do you think? Is it really ‘love’ that does this?



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