The ultimate Christmas…


This was the name of the Sunday supliment in last weekend’s Herald newspaper.

A strange title indeed, as buried on page ten in an article entitled ‘A time for others’ was a discussion about the work of Alternativity– in which development worker Margaret Paul was quoted as saying this-

We know that our communities women bear the main burden of Christmas and what should be a happy time can be very stressfull, especially where money is concerned. 

Some women see Christmas as a chance to make things up to their children because they live in poverty all year round.

The article also quotes a Samaritans volunteer, who said

People can be very affected by the imagery portraying the perfect Christmas when the reality is that it is different for everyone.

So much more so if you are on your own, or unwell. I know many people who just want to shut their door on Christmas, and wait for the season to pass on by.

What then might be the ultimate Christmas for these folk, and for us?

Does it depend on a colour coded table, set in front of a huge log fire in a picture post card cottage covered in snow? Do it need to be punctuated by the sharing of the perfect presents around the designer tree? All of these things are good- but are they really the measure of what is ‘ultimate’?

My ultimate Christmas celebration involves family, friends, food and an appreciation of the coming of the King of peace.

The rest is just decoration.

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