I have had a productive day.

This morning I wrote a piece for another website, for which I was paid £25. This afternoon I spent carving things out of wood. I have been selling about one or two pieces a month in a local art gallery- so this afternoon I might have made things to the value of say (for the purposes of a nice even number!) £75.

All of which set me thinking. How much money do we need? And how simple it seems to be able to link what we produce with this need in a direct way.

Regular readers of this blog will know that my current job- I am a social worker earning a reasonably high salary- is under threat. I was expecting to have a redundancy letter in the post by now, but this has now been delayed until at least next Spring.

One of the things about the kind of work I do now is that there is no easy link between what I produce (which is rather nebulous) and what I earn. Despite all the uncertainties of my future, I find myself craving this link more and more…

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