Another poster…

Here is another poster from Buy Nothing Christmas.

I confess- I am going shopping the day after tomorrow.

Christmas shopping.

Because, despite the journey we are on away from this consumer addiction that we call ‘Christmas’, I have not yet gone (forgive me for this) cold turkey.

I intend to treat this latest journey into the world of commerce as an expedition into a hostile land.

I may not return alive.


7 thoughts on “Another poster…

  1. I would pay good money for a youtube video of your facial expression as you hear carols over department stores’ tannoys and encounter Christmas displays…..

  2. I wonder if even breaking a habit would make a difference. Put a budget on your Christmas dinner that is no more than you would pay for a Chinese meal or have it on the 24th instead or have chicken and give turkey (metaphorically speaking for vegetarians) a miss just to make a point to yourself that you are not addicted to the tradition of what Christmas has become.

    • HI Jaimie

      I suppose it depends on what you are trying to make a difference to. You are right that we will not make much of a dent in consumerism- but we might change things for ourselves and some of those around us. Like the idea of the symbolically different Christmas meal though.

      M and I have come to a decision though- we are NOT GOING TO GO SHOPPING AFTER ALL! We are going to stay home and make things instead.


  3. Am very glad to hear it-I think Michaela has had a very lucky break-I don’t imagine you’d be in a very sunny mood after a day spent shopping!!

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  5. I love shopping and Christmas is no different. I might be one of only a handful of people to admit that I love the hussell and bussell around the holidays. Buying gifts for family members is always fun but I also love to think of some type of homemade gift to make for my family as well. I have never done online shopping though and am not sure that I will ever trust it. I like seeing everyone in the holiday spirit in person better 🙂

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