New Year, 2012…

It is here.

As ever the speed of it all comes as a surprise.

Last night, we had a house full of friends and sang and played music for hours. This morning my fingers are almost too sore to type! At some point we had three guitars, bouzouki, piano, violin and bodhran. I have not enjoyed music as much for ages.

I was relatively early to bed- Michaela came up around 4.00.

As further evidence for the advancement of years, last night our kids were all busy in new and different ways (even though they were all part of joint celebrations too.) Emily had a ‘Launch Pad‘ for Christmas, and so we set up the study so she could do some mixing/dancing.

William and his friends practised for their own performance of a song.

Later we all sat and played cards.

It was simply lovely to spend time with these wonderful young people, with all their talents and potential.

So to old friends and new friends and still to become friends everywhere- may the year be one of blessing…

I took no photos at all last night- here are a few of Williams;

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