The Wayseer Manifesto…

I watched this today (courtesy of the Emergent Village ‘minimergent’)

This from their website

All over the world there are Wayseers who struggle, who hide their gifts, because they don’t realize what they are. We are here to find Wayseers throughout the world and let them know how important they are to humanity. We are here to turn Wayseers on to their rare aptitude for leading transformation.

When the Wayseers of the world are awakened to their true calling on this planet, a massive shift in the human condition will occur.  Wayseers are the change agents of humanity – the innovators, the healers, the visionaries, the spiritual leaders, the entrepreneurs, the ones who are here to lead humanity into alignment with the Way.

I think I like it. Or at least some of it

I like the idea of the need for agitators, damaged malcontents who will not be defined by their limitations. The passion for something better, something other, something more creative and beautiful.

What I am not so sure about is the degree to which we exalt the ‘event’ over the ‘ordinary’, and the idea that we can all be ‘extra ordinary’ if we believe strongly enough.

And perhaps the ‘out there’ charismatic presentation is just a bit too God channel to sit easily with most of we Brits. The handsome bloke who comes and tells us that we are part of the special 10%. And he has product to shift.

There is also this strange feeling of activism as an end in itself – divorced from dogma, or from ideology, or cause. We want transformation, but we do not define what we are transforming to- this will work itself out if we follow ‘the way’. ‘The way’ is enough- the ‘calling’ we all carry. As I think of this, it seems to me to reflect a real shift in society – even a shift in me.

Society is less interested in what you believe, more in what lights you up. And just about anything goes man, what ever turns you on. And right now, we all need to be turned on to something new- the old stuff is over, bring on the next…

But I too feel the pull of this thing called ‘the way’. It seems to me that the Kingdom of God (as I would call it) is located within and without the followers of any one religion. Jesus broke all those barriers for ever. The way is enough- the calling to follow, to journey with love in an uncertain direction.

It seems to me that the Kingdom of God beats like a pulse in all of those things associated with ‘the way’ listed above.

Perhaps I should take up skateboarding.

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