A day of possibilities…

They don’t come along often. Sure there are always choices that we can make but most of the time the road leads in one direction. But I am approaching a junction though.

Three ways diverge. One is promotion in my current work, the other demotion. I can choose either of these versions of ‘more of the same’.

The other road is far less certain. Once again, there is a more than even chance of being offered voluntary redundancy. I should be getting a letter by the end of the week asking me to put my cards on the table.

Take the blue pill.

Make the jump into the unknown.

Burn my bridges.

If I take this option there are no guarantees that it will not go badly wrong. We have talked about a variety of other ways of making a living- B and B, art, retreats, writing, crafts and pottery, but these are fairly untested.

The penalty for failure in terms of impact on myself and my family would be catastrophic.

But despite all of this the possibilities of the uncertain road are calling me…


8 thoughts on “A day of possibilities…

  1. I think you should reconsider that word catastrophic. Challenging yes but enriching too. What’s the worst that can happen? You will all handle it and a happier Chris is worth the risk . We are now in the same boat, change is coming… it’s only money that makes us scared I think. We are caught up in the fear of losing our material affluence. We should be more scared about losing our peace of mind and purpose. I see a beautiful flowering of your dreams and gifts and I am holding you in my prayers.

    • You are right Susan- I was catastrophising! I find myself veering between this and ‘It’ll be fine’! Thanks for the lovely thoughts, and I look forward to sharing the journey!

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